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Historic Price Morris Cottage circa. 1836. This restoration required the rebuilding of dry-pack retaining walls and the total reconstruction of two fireplaces and chimneys that had totally collapsed. The fireplaces and chimneys were constructed using the original stones. This was achieved via photographic documentation of the fireplaces prior to to their collapse. it was like putting together a large jig-saw puzzle. This is the oldest slab and wattle & daub building in Australia and has been painstakingly restored. It is available for accommodation for the true experience of living in this by-gone era contact, Joyce & Doug Steptoe ph: 02 4568 2121

Historic Victoria Inn circa. 1842 This restoration required the total re-pointing in lime mortar of this two storey dwelling. Numerous doorways and window reveals were created or in-filled so that the building returned to its original design. 

This Californian Bungalow was restored back to its original design. Works required the removal of an non original doorway and replacing it with a window. A majority of the block-work had to be removed in order to achieve proper bonding of the stonework.

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