This barn was constructed using hydra-split, rock-faced dimension sandstone. Features large solid sandstone barn door lintels. Sandstone supplied by Sydney Sandstone. Built 2002 Pitt Town NSW.

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This two storey French Château was constructed using random squared rocked faced sandstone. Features include three centered and circular arches, octagonal  towers and corbel course. Hand hewn sandstone blocks supplied by Ingleside quarries. Built 1985 Dural NSW.

This cellar door and home was constructed using recycled and new sandstone blocks. Features random squared rubble design, quoin corners, hardwood door & window lintels. Built 1999 Broke NSW.

This unique residence was constructed using hydra-split dimension sandstone blocks. Features sawn sandstone plinth, door & window sills and mullions, six three centered arches, stringer course, moldered corbel course, internal fireplace, carvings to keystones, front fence and gate piers. Sandstone supplied by Sydney Sandstone. Built 1997 East Kurrajong NSW.  

This is the first stone building that I ever built and what inspired me to continue. This barn and gatehouses were constructed using recycled sandstone blocks. A random design was utilized to accommodate the varying stone sizes. Features quoin corners, ironbark beams and garden walls. Built 1982 Dural NSW.

This colonial styled home was constructed with rock-faced dimensional sandstone blocks. Features quoin corners, sawn door and window lintels, sills and thresholds, internal fireplace and chimney. Sandstone supplied by Sydney Sandstone. Built 1998 Gunderman NSW.


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This home was designed as an octagonal central two story room  with adjoining dwelling and service wings. Features  five three centered arches, wildflower key stone carvings in all arches. Solid construction 300mm thick double rock faced stonework to internal octagonal room. Stone supplied by Gosford Quarries. Built 1988 Dural NSW.

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